Celebrate the genius of girls + women.




Unleash your March Muse for Women's History Month.

Urania Day celebrates the power of girls and women in Science, Art and Spirit during Women’s History Month.

This year, Urania Day falls on March 16, in honor of pioneering astronomer Caroline Herschel and the Urania’s Mirror constellation cards.

Urania was the Muse of astronomy and celestial objects, one of the 9 Greek Muses. The 9 Muses were violet-haired goddesses gifted in the arts and sciences and a source of divine inspiration for mathematicians, poets and great thinkers throughout history.

Urania Day is a moment to honor women's genius and express the gifted muse within us all.

Share a tile on your social media this March:

Be a March Muse — Transform Your Tresses & Support Women's Genius!

Use our super-simple March Muse Instagram effect to instantly transform into a violet-haired muse. Take a selfie, then tag a woman or girl who inspires you!

Step 1

Add the "March Muse" effect to Instagram.

Click here to get the March Muse Instagram effect (works on iPhone and Android).

It’s a super-simple filter that instantly transforms your appearance (hello, purple hair!) when you look into the camera.

Step 2

Take a purple-haired selfie—photo or video.

Choose either of the 2 March Muse shades of purple hair:
• Shade 1: Bright
• Shade 2: Lavender

Step 3

Post your purple-haired pic and @tag your friends.

Tag all the genius women in your life and use the hashtag #UraniaDay.

Invite them to join the fun!


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