About Urania Day

Urania Day was founded in 2021 and is observed annually on March 16

"Humanity benefits in ways wondrous and profound when the full scientific, artistic and spiritual power of women is supported by society." —Urania

Urania Day: Celebrate Women's Genius!

Urania Day celebrates the power of girls and women in Science, Art and Spirit during Women’s History Month.

This year, Urania Day falls on March 16, in honor of pioneering astronomer
Caroline Herschel and the Urania’s Mirror constellation cards.

Urania was the Muse of astronomy and celestial objects, one of the 9 Greek Muses. The 9 Muses were violet-haired goddesses gifted in the arts and sciences and a source of divine inspiration for mathematicians, poets and great thinkers throughout history.

Urania Day is a moment to honor women's genius and express the gifted muse within us all.

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Massive Science

Urania Day Founders

Urania Day was created and founded in 2021 by Matthew Swann in partnership with Ophira and Tali Edut (The AstroTwins), founders of Astrostyle, a platform devoted to empowering readers through the stars.

Ophira and Tali have been leaders in promoting the voices of girls and women for over 30 years. Through their website Astrostyle.com, they reach over 10 million loyal followers monthly. Read More About The AstroTwins >

Matthew Swann is Astrostyle's longtime contributing editor and resident star-mapper with over 40 years of scholarship and practice. His groundbreaking works have appeared in The AstroTwins' books and publications.

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